Chapter 61


The answer came instantly as soon as I thought about the question. I know that Rause will be all too willing to receive me in her gentle abode as she did every time I resign here in Scotland, scurrying away from Caelum when he chose to visit France. I looked down at my feet and regretted the fact that I haven’t remembered to wear the sandals Caelum had given me – it would have been much comfortable walking on the hot asphalt if I am wearing it now.

The Gaeans are still rudely staring at me as I reached the town and every time a curious little kid approached me, I sneer like Caelum does and flee before the parents of the said child arrives. The garden of violets comes into view as I round the corner and walk down the alley behind the corner store. Without paying another glance at the curious crowd looking at me, I marched inside the open gates and closed it behind me with a clunk.

I haven’t had the time to step away from the gates when Rause captured me in a hug, he
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