Chapter 81


The surrounding seems to glow an ethereal blue; gentle breeze streaming inside the tent from the entrance, revealing the detritus of the blazing fire from last night. I yawned, unable to control how wide my mouth becomes when I stretched my arms. Next to me, Caelum softly breaths; his hair thrown to the side as he lie on his left facing me.

I smiled.

The harsh rustling from the nearby trees wipe the smile off my face as I frowned – what could that be?

I slipped on a robe and gingerly crawled to the entrance only to be surprised of the golden glow emitting from the side of the tent. Tying on my robes, I looked back to the sleeping Caelum who gently stirred. Making up my mind, I turned and slowly approached the golden glow.

Robes whiter than the ones I was accustomed to see here on earth, are worn by the tall beautiful woman whose face would change from young to old on various occasions according to how she feels. She stands there by the brambles, looking regal and
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