Chapter Twelve

Henry took a few more steps closer to Eve and when she lifted her slightly bowed head again, their eyes met and he detected the agony in them. Her lips were dried up and dark circles were beginning to form underneath her eyes. She groaned.

Henry narrowed his gaze down to her strapped hands and shifted it to her tied legs. He angrily turned around, walked toward Dane, and grabbed him by the collar "Are you crazy?" he yelled, violently shaking Dane.

Dane's jaw dropped and his lips parted releasing hot air. Henry gradually let go of him and Dane sensed trouble.

"Why would you keep her in such a state?" yelled Henry. Dane was starstruck He didn't speak but kept marveling over Henry's unprecedented outburst.

Henry angrily walked past Dane and rushed out of the room. "Anybody here!" he screamed and called out to one of his men standing at the entrance.

"Hurry! Come with me," instructed Henry while dragging the man to the room. Eve squirmed in agony as tears ceaselessly stream down her chee
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