Chapter Thirteen

Eve lowered her head in shame and ignored Henry's question. "Why don't we check whether the envelope has arrived." she stuttered and pointed to the way out.

"Wait," Henry said and prevented her from leaving the spot by placing his right hand before her. "You were the girl from the engagement party, right? The girl from Devin's engagement," he said.

Eve's expression betrayed her and Henry was convinced that she was the lady he was referring to.

"Eve heaved a deep sigh and moved to a tight corner where the trash can was. "Did you witness the drama that night? Were you there when I charged to that stage like a maniac?"

"Yes," Henry replied. "I was at the engagement party." he justified with a nod.

Eve placed her left palm on her forehead and began to pace. "You were there the whole period?" Henry didn't utter a word. He nodded and adjusted his Rolex watch.

"I was at the engagement party. I know Devin. You looked different back there." he pointed out and Eve knew he was referring to her
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