Chapter Seventeen

After a warm bath, Eve sat before her large dressing mirror, her legs crossed while her hands worked on her hair. She had loosened her hair from the clutches of her ribbon that morning and had oiled it for it was glittering. She worked on her hair edges and dressed her hair down to her neck. Satisfied by what she had done, she began working on her face. Eve pouted her lips and smiled. The little make-up she had applied had transformed her face.

She stood before her wardrobe for about two minutes with her eyes rolling up and down the furniture. She took out some clothes and dumped them on her bed. She found it strange that her outfits had suddenly become unattractive or maybe because she wanted to make heads turn that morning, especially Henry's head.

It then dawned on Eve that she was having an interview not a date hence the need for her to be mindful of her appearance. Since fate had earned her an interview in Henry's company, she wasn't going to joke with it. She pulled out a red v
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