Chapter Seventy Eight

When Eve returned to her office, she heaved a deep sigh and thanked God she was able to stand her ground before Henry. She quickly called Olivia.

"Henry confronted me" she whispered, trying to catch her breath immediately Olivia picked up the call.

"I knew he was going to suspect you. What did you tell him?" asked an impatient Olivia.

"Trust me, girl, I acted like I knew nothing about it. He tried to pin it on my girls but I disagreed. I told him that the group died the day I signed that contract." reported Eve.

"That's a good move girl. "

"I stood my ground and even acted pissed when he started screaming at me," Eve said.

Olivia was already screaming in excitement. "That's good of you Eve. I love how you handled the situation. You are so smart."

"He was looking straight into my eyes and I held up his stare and argued my way out of the situation." Eve boasted.

"Are you for real girl?"

"Oh trust me, Olivia. I was such a drama queen earlier. I even walked out on him."

"You walked out on
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