Chapter One Hundred-Eleven

There was no denying that Henry was stunned. Eve could read it from his gestures.

He folded his arms across his chest and looked Eve straight in the eyes. "Did you go with Larry to our branch or you decided to work on the files?"

Eve smiled. "I did both. Mr Garrison extends his regards."

Henry was starstruck. There was no way she could know about Mr Garrision if she didn't go with Larry. Garrison is the branch manager.

Henry's astonishing eyes fell on the cart. "And you managed to sort the files?" his lips trembled.

Eve agreed with repeated nods. "Are you surprised, sir?"

"Yes," he replied. "I mean no. It's just that..." he positioned his left hand on his waist with a sigh.

Eve arched her brow. "Is there anything you'll want me to do?"

Henry was too stunned to speak. He couldn't think of anything. He didn't see Eve completing both tasks in two hours. She blew his mind."


Eve cleared her throat loudly so he could get the message. "Well, If we are done here, I'll leave the cart wit
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