Chapter One Hundred Twelve

Henry stepped inside his sports car with a frustrated sigh. It still astonishes him that Eve managed to complete the cumbersome tasks he gave her in a short period. Maybe Dane was right, she must have gotten help elsewhere.

"Useless Belt!" he cussed and abandoned the seatbelt he was trying to wrap around him. He stepped on the wheels and drove the car away from the office.

Henry glanced at his wristwatch for a while and fixed his gaze back on the straight path ahead. It was 6 20 pm. Dinner with his parents was at 7 pm and if there's one thing he wishes for is Eve to be late then he'll use the excuse and drive away without her but if his wish doesn't come true, he'll just resolve to Plan B. He just hopes his father convinces his mother to go with the plan.

Henry pulled the car to a halt in front of Eve's lawn. The revving of his car was the signal she needed to step out. She walked out of her apartment dressed in a loose black gown that covered the soles of her feet. She tied her hair
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