Chapter One Hundred-Fifteen

How on earth was she going to convince them? As far as they were concerned, she was with Richards for dinner then how did she end up with a man in her apartment last night?

"You better tell us the truth," Olivia said.

"Well, after the dinner, Henry offered to give me a ride back here but I declined." she began, hoping they'll buy the story.

"So you took a cab?"

"No." Eve sharply replied. "I stood on the highway for about twenty minutes until a man pulled up right in front of me and offered me a ride."

"So?" Jen asked with keen eyes.

"He was this young dashing man. I got attracted to him after we got talking and when he offered to come inside my apartment, I let him in and then we made out," she said.

The ladies had dropped jaws. Jen broke the pregnant silence hovering around them. "You made out with a stranger?"

"What's the matter with you Eve?" Olivia demanded with a disappointed expression. "Do I have to remind you that you are in this whole Henry Richard mess because of a one-nigh
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