Chapter One Hundred Fifty Four

"I don't think it's right for her to wear a maxi. She's having dinner with a billionaire's wife for God's sake. She shouldn't dress like a pauper." Olivia said and snatched the maxi from Jen which she was presenting to Eve.

Eve was standing a few meters away from her closet. She was resting her back against the wall and was watching her friends with divided attention as they were helping her to pull out outfits for her lunch with Mira.

She called Mira the previous day to inform her that she had picked Saturday as the day they should meet up. That was after meeting with the hate club who had given Eve the mandate not to waste any time in revealing the truth.

Eve was to reveal everything to Mira without sparing any detail and after Mira picked out a private lounge in one of the five-star restaurants in town, she couldn't be more pleased.

However, there was a conflicting thought wavering in her mind. She felt as if telling Mira the truth meant stabbing Henry in the back.

"Eve!" Jen screa
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