Chapter One Hundred Fifty Five

Eve lowered the spoon and turned away. So Mira invited her to a feast so she could seduce her to speak?

Mira cleared her throat loudly and Eve turned to face her with a fake smile.

"I mean, does my husband go out with new friends? Maybe a particular friend?"

Eve went for her glass of wine.

"It's okay if you don't want to answer," Mira said with a smile and grabbed an apple from the small fruit basket.

"Well, Dane is one friend I know Henry can't do without. I'm not sure he had other friends that he relates with as he does with Dane." Eve replied.

"They are like brothers," Mira affirmed.

Mira reclined on the sofa and crossed her legs. "Our marriage was an arranged one and that's why it seems as if I don't know much about him even though we've been married for three years," she revealed.

The spoon slipped from Eve's right hand. She hummed. Her guess was right and she could tell that Mira was insecure.

Mira continued speaking. "So Eve, I'll appreciate it if you don't hide anything from
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