Chapter One Hundred Fifty Six

Eve slowly lifted her head to look at the woman sitting beside her. It was several minutes past the time she made the confession and a deafening silence ensued.

Mira was facing the wall and Eve gasped after noticing that the woman's eyes were fixated on the wall, unblinking.

She must have slipped into a shock, Eve concluded. She stretched out her hand in her bid to touch Mira's left thigh but quickly withdrew it when the thought of receiving a backlash taunted her.

"I'm sorry." She mumbled and stared at the food on the table. The dishes were getting cold and Eve knew that none of them was going to touch them again.

As a woman, she knew the confession was going to provoke emotions in Mira but she had already made up her mind to take whatever insults the woman was going to throw at her because, in situations like this, the women were always blamed so she won't be surprised if Henry gets spared.

Meanwhile, Mira was trying very hard to keep up her disguise. Even though she wasn't Henry's
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