Chapter One Hundred Fifty Six

Eve agreed with a nod. Of course, Mira didn't see it coming but the hate club had suggested that she take advantage of the opportunity to tell Mira everything, especially because the woman doesn't reside in the city.

"I wanted to know about Henry's work and schedule but it appears I learnt much more," Mira said and opened her palms wide open before Eve with a sad smile.

Eve finally looked the woman straight in the face. In her mind, she commended Mira for her composure. Other women would have dragged her to filth, hurled insults at her or created a scene but Mira was sitting beside her, trying to analyze the predicament.

Fuck! Henry doesn't deserve such a good woman Eve concluded and stroked her forehead.

Mira was still speaking. "I thought that maybe as his assistant, you would help me with all the information I need so that I could keep up with his schedule from Hong kong. I've asked him on several occasions but Henry always felt that it wasn't necessary to inform me. According to
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