Chapter One Hundred Fifty Seven

Eve made her way out of the private lounge pressing her bag to her tummy. She kept taking languish steps towards the elevator without lifting her head.

After walking out of that private lounge, Eve felt as if a large burden had been lifted off her chest. Finally, she could breathe the air that comes with a free conscience. However, she couldn't imagine the distress her revelation will bring to Mira's life.

Eve was about to step into the elevator when she bumped into a man. Her bag landed on the floor. Without lifting her head to look at the man she accidentally hit, Eve mumbled a 'sorry' and knelt to grab her bag from the floor.

The man quickly slipped into a corner. "Eve?" he muttered under his breath wondering who she came to see that afternoon in the restaurant.

His question was answered when he saw Mira walking toward the elevator a few minutes after Eve got in. He remained in the corner and roved his eyes around, wondering about the possibility that both women had an encounter.

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