Chapter One Hundred Fifty Nine

"I'm ready sir," Henry's chauffeur reported immediately after Henry stepped out with his briefcase.

Henry smiled at the man. "Why don't you take a break today? I'll drive myself."

The reply provoked a smile on Athe driver's face. Ever since he became Henry's driver, he had only driven Henry to several places on specific occasions. Henry would prefer to drive himself to work and other places.

The chauffeur stepped aside and Henry stepped into the Lamborghini which had already been pulled from the parking lot and was parked at the entrance to the mansion.

He mounted the driver's seat and drove away.


Eve wiped her drowsy eyes with the edge of her palms. Her alarm clock was yet to give the signal and this meant that it wasn't time to wake up yet.

The heavy knocks on her door persisted. It had to be Olivia or Jen because they were only the ones who would show up to interrupt her sleep that Sunday morning.

"I'm coming!" She mumbled and grabbed her night robe. She slipped it arou
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