Bella stared at all the photos of John’s family. There were several pictures of Clark with John when they were younger. She held a glass of water in her hand and her purse in the other as she looked at him. The party was a barbeque, and the scents were turning her stomach. Bella didn’t know how she was going to get over the next few hours. The thought of eating made her feel sick. The only food she could stomach was the dry crackers she kept in her purse. Every now and again she took one out of her purse to eat when no one was looking.

Clark’s family had turned up. The instant Penny saw her, the older woman wrapped her arms around Bella. Staring at the photos sent uneasy thoughts tumbling through her mind. She’d taken a pregnancy test yesterday when Clark had been at work. The stick she’d taken read positive. The test she’d taken was wrapped in a plastic bag, and she’d placed it in her bag. She needed to tell him, but her past felt like a barrier between them and happiness.

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