A Feeling Of Foreboding


"Manny! Michael come quickly something is wrong with Manny!"

I can hear Summer screaming but at this moment, I feel lightheaded and strangely, quite angry. It all takes about a minute and the anger subsides.

Then I feel as if I am having a panic attack, then helplessness. Drenched in sweat, I recover and sit upright. Mike and Summer are both looking at me with so much concern.

"What happened buddy? For a moment you scared us there."

Michael queries and I know that even though he is trying to make light of the situation, he is a bit ruffled.

"I do not know, but I don't think that was my pain."

I respond pondering about it then a fear so profound, grips me.

"Summer, please call Mia! Check on her, please and I will call father and mother as well. Darn it! Why did I not think of them first?"

I am frantic by this moment and scared as well. Mia is almost due and that is definitely not labor pain. It felt as if I was being attacked with the intention of killing. I can only think of one thing. Rogues.

However, there has not been any attacks since the war. There were no rogues at all as they all either died during the war, or joined Darius's pack. Which is now the pack that my twin sister is ruling with her mate Danny.

Danny took over the alpha position two years ago when he found out that Mia was his mate. Could it be that there was some sort of uprising there? However, my speculation is nulled when Mia answers the call. Summer put the phone on speaker phone for all of us to hear.

"Hey Summer. I am perfectly fine. However, a few minutes ago I had an unusual experience. For some reason I had a panic attack and difficulty breathing. It did not last long though."

Hearing that she is fine, I zone out the rest of their conversation. I, on the other hand, have had no luck with either dad or uncle Levi. Which makes me quite anxious and gives me this unspeakable feeling of foreboding.

"Manny, Mia is fine. Have you reached anyone from home?"

Summer asks whilst walking towards me.

I shake my head unable to form anything coherent. If anything, I have this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I still have a faint throbbing pain in my left hand and chest and that is making me quite queasy.

Darn it! I am an alpha wolf and should not be feeling this helpless. I smash my phone on the floor. Mike grabs me by the hand and helps me sit on the couch. I know I cannot spend the night here. I have to return.

"Curador, I am sorry buddy, but I have to rush back home. I will.."

Before I finish, Summer and Michael both cut me off.

"We will go together Manny."

I look at them about to protest and they both silence me.

"Look Manny, no matter what happens, we are family, and family stick together. Always. The four of us will fly back to the Luminous Pack together. The fact that dad and uncle Luke are not picking our calls, is enough reason for us to worry. We will use the Royal plane. It will save us time."

Grateful, I pull Summer in for a hug. Mike tries to conceal his growl but I just smirk at him.

"Chill dude. She is my sister you know? Growling at me is disrespectful."

"I know buddy but Miguel is too possessive. Come on Manny, you will understand once you get your mate. Stop laughing at me!"

Irrespective of the nagging fear within me, we laugh as we pack up. Curador is overjoyed to be travelling with us. It has been a while since he has seen his grandparents. I know he is equally excited to meet the quads. They are almost close in age. My aunt gave birth to the quadruplets in the midst of the great war.

Had Apollo not taken them to safety, they might not have made it through that terrible period. Anyway, that is not a time any of us wants to talk about. Now, I have this sinking feeling inside of me. The fact that neither my dad nor my uncle is picking our calls, makes me panic.

All I can think of is there must have been an attack back home. Otherwise, what other reason could there be for them not to pick up calls?

"All set my King. Do not worry about anything. I will take care of everything till you are back. If there is any need for the Royal Pack to intervene, just tell me. In the meantime, I have instructed the warriors to be ready for anything."

Gunther and Michael are like brothers. They even became closer after Michael lost his parents during the war. Michael made Gunther his Supreme Beta. Their bond is admirable. They are not related by blood but I know either of them could easily lay their life down for the other.

"How long do I have to tell you to stop addressing me as king, Gunther? At least not when we are alone. We are family, man."

Michael complains but to my surprise, Gunther and Summer burst out laughing. I know it is their mutual joke and surprisingly, Michael never gets it. Anyway, I love these lighter moments and it helps calm my flailing nerves.

After all is set, we leave for the Luminous Pack. Try as I can, I know the next four hours are going to be anything but exciting. Even though Summer is trying to be strong, I know she is equally worried.

The last war did that to all of us. We panic at the slightest of discomforts. I know even though it has been six years now, everyone still feels the devastating effects of the war. I can safely say that, even though we are trying to move on, the loss we suffered is imprinted on our souls.

Everyone is still picking up broken pieces of their lives. It does get easier with time, but for those who were in the forefront, I know it is still a long way to go. Summer was young and still in her teens when she had to lead a whole army.

What makes me angry is the fact that we have all been feeling it. That foreboding feeling of imminent disaster. Apart from the panic attack I just had, I know that something is coming. We just do not know what it is.

It cannot be Harold, as he is now happy with his mate, Lesedi. He is a changed man and is trying to repair the damage he caused. I know for sure that Harold will never again, instigate any other war in his lifetime.

Then what is this imminent danger we all sense? Now that we cannot reach anyone from home, that fear is slowly eating away at my composure. The plane suddenly feels as if it is moving at two miles per hour.

Frustrated, I decide to focus on Curador. My nephew is a breath of fresh air. He is a healer from when he was in the belly. Everyone knows it. Although Michael and Summer are trying to keep his abilities at bay, it cannot be helped.

Even this adorable little man knows when things are not going well. As I turn towards him, I see an orb of light surrounding him. It pains me that even as young as he is, he knows that everyone is uneasy.

Before any of us can stop him, he sends calming waves towards all three of us. It eases our anxiety and I for one, I am thankful. I have no idea how I would have endured this flight in such anxiety.

"Mummy, daddy and uncle Manny, you guys do not have to worry. Nothing will happen to you guys as long as I am here. Also my two grandpas and grandmas are fine . I just know it. Please try to relax. You are scaring me."

His innocent voice tugs at my heartstrings. It is not fair that a child is forced to grow up before time. Sometimes I really want to curse at the gods. Why can't the universe just be peaceful for all who dwell here? Why should there always be conflict amongst its dwellers?

I pull Curador into my arms and hold him dearly. The next thing I know, I am being woken up by Summer. It seems like we have reached out destination. I have no recollection of how I fell asleep at all.

My nephew is fast asleep clinging to me Luke a little koala. I smile and carry him tentatively to the waiting car. The royal guards used another plane but they have arrived ahead of us. I am sure they are the ones who made arrangements for the cars.

The next twenty five minutes are spent in silence. Since I am already with them, it is easy for us to bypass patrol and protocol. Besides, Michael and Summer are the Alpha King and Luna Queen. Which means they are out overall rulers. They definitely do not need permission to enter anyone's territory.

I only grant permission to the royal guards and we proceed to the pack house. Upon reaching there, we are met by a distraught mother.

"Thank goddess you guys are here. Luke has been standing in for the principal at the school. So he left in the morning and Levi followed as you know that after school is training day. But, something happened at the school. Even some of the school children got hurt as well as gamma Sawyer. They are all in the pack hospital."

Wow, this is quite deep. What exactly happened at the Luminous School? Who could have hurt everyone like that? However, what mother says next leaves me even more confused.

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