Dejected And Lost


With every punch and kick I received from my mate, I felt a huge sense of loss.

Initially, I thought that she just wanted to vent out her frustrations. However, when she let out that chilling aura, the killing intent in her eyes was unmistakable. At that point, I felt as if I had lost her.

That left me no choice but to try something abrupt. I turned into my wolf form and she stopped. I laid down just so that she would know that I meant her no harm. I could not help the whimpers.

Physically, I was not hurt, but the emotional turbulence ran deeper. I felt a deep ache right at the very core of my heart. To me, everything Aria did, was akin to rejection. Any wolf knows the pain of rejection and no sane werewolf would ever opt for that.

When she sat down and put my head on her lap, it soothed my pain a bit. However, the dent her adamant rejection left on my soul was almost irreparable. As an Alpha wolf, we tend to feel everything ten times more than the other wolves.

I am lying
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