Disturbing Mails


I know that I will never be able to thank Ben enough. This flash disk he brought for me is a deep well of insightful information. I am eternally grateful for what he has done for me.

Now, I have a clear understanding of the ways of the supernatural world. It has a lot of information on all the supernatural races. I can safely say that I have grasped a lot of basic principles and even some in-depth understanding of this world.

According to everything that happened lately, I am very certain that sorcery is at work here. Someone somewhere is altering our emotions. Particularly me and Manny. With the little, I know about him, he would never wish for me to be subjected to this kind of humiliation.

Therefore, him locking me up in this crammed-up dungeon, can never be his choice. Well, it appears as if it is his own doing, but I am choosing to believe otherwise. I have already made a promise to myself to be on his side.

Even though he is not in the right frame of mind to see things c
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