Rage And Awakening


Crimson, raw rage is what I feel right now. Just looking at the smugness in Connor's eyes in the picture, I feel murderous. I want to wipe off everything to do with him.

Then the idiot I got mated to decided that it was best to imprison me! That is a derailment that I would do anything to avoid. I have a mission to accomplish and Manny decides to be a hindrance to my progress.

How dare he? My anger is justified. Everyone around makes me angry. The ones who are supposed to protect me, always end up exploiting me. How then can I not be angry? I am bound to be upset.

The name Connor leaves a very vile taste in my mouth. He is the reason for all my hurt and anger. He is behind all the physical and emotional scars that I carry. The one man that I looked up to and loved wholeheartedly, was the very person who damaged me.

Sometimes I wish that I never regained my memory. I wish that I had no recollection of my past and what was done to me. I thought I was strong enough to let go of t
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