Omnious Intruder


I suddenly feel lost, alone and afraid. It surprises me how much comfort I derived from knowing that that lady has kept her link with me open.

That sort of made me feel close to her. I felt as if she was right here with me. As if she was an important part of me. I know that I sound crazy but I really did feel as if that voice belonged to someone important. Like she is family.

Anyway, since she said she will return, I will have to wait for her. To help ease my flailing nerves, I decide to get down to business. The one thing I do from my heart. Fighting.

Since I do not have an opponent, I just have to practice. It is a good way to stretch my muscles. I have been cooped up here for days now.

I guess I should also see if my mental fortitude has not been altered. I have to try and enhance my Chi. Let me see if I still can control water, wind, and fire.

I could break out of here using those skills of mine. The reason why I am still here is that I do not want to go against my mate.
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