Regret And Acceptance


Raw, palpable anger is what consumed me. As I rushed towards Aria's cell. That deafening shriek was a mixture of surprise and fear.

Whoever was there with my mate, she did not know them. That also implied that they did not belong to the pack. In no time, I reached Aria's cell and the unthinkable happened.

As I fiddled with the bolt, everything vanished. The door and the lock just poof, disappeared into thin air. By the time my family caught up with me, everything had happened already.

The worst part is we could still hear Aria screaming. Yet we could not reach her. The door was replaced by a stony wall.

I started clawing at the solid wall. When my family arrived, they were equally stupefied. It did not make sense at all.

We all could feel that the dark energy had intensified. Hence, we knew that whoever had that aura, was in there with my mate. It needed no genius to tell that the same entity had blocked us out by replacing the steel door with a stony wall.

I panicked and so
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