That dimwit, Pius Ramos duped me! Damn! I never thought that the mastermind would be outwitted in his own game! I must admit though, the kid is good. He has got some fucking balls!

It seems like staying amongst the humans has made me pick up some of their dumb habits. Why in hell am I cussing like a deranged old fogie? I must minimize my interaction with the damned lot.

Irrespective of that, I am not ashamed to admit that this time I have been outsmarted. Too much confidence is not good and I can testify to that. I was under the impression that Pius was under my spell but he is stronger than I thought.

Why in the world do I not learn from my mistakes? I always fall because I underestimate my opponents. Maybe it is time I start accepting that surely, times have changed. Before I was cursed to the desolate lands almost a millennium ago, I was the strongest and most feared warlock in the universe.

However, now I feel as if my powers are diminishing. They have gotten rusty over
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