Rabid Wolf


Finally, the tournament commenced. I am a little disgruntled because the master is against the idea of me taking part in the fights. However, I am still the same adamant Aria.

When have I ever paid heed to authority? I just agreed with him to pacify him but I registered under my pseudonym, Blade. Furthermore, I will be a masked fighter. So, the problem is partly solved because once I start fighting, master Gao will definitely recognize me.

However, although he will be upset, he will not be able to stop me. I know he is worried about my pregnancy but I know that I will not let anyone hurt my babies. They are the only blood relatives I have left. Therefore I will protect them fiercely.

Apart from that, I am not showing much. If a person does not know, they will just think that I am a little bit chubby side. Only those closest to me, know. Unless one of them lets the little detail slip off, I will be safe from malicious opponents. If they get to know it, they will target my bell
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