Testing the Waters I

The bots eventually withdrew after an hour or so, not shooting at the targets as everybody~ everybody being the police~ had behaved and held off just as the voice had said, disappearing through an underground channel in the park.

The rest of the day had been spent in a blur, mostly me trying to convince myself that the person behind the voice had definitely not been my dad.

I had called the burner phone when I had gone on a restroom break, my heart in my throat as my dad didn't pick up the call.

I had gone home with Lanie, straight after work, the recent happenings scaring me from doing anything contrary.

I didn't want to be slammed into the wall and threatened with rape or have my memory taken for me again, so I followed Lanie home like a little lamb.

"I would be moving in with Sash this weekend", I broke the news as we lay slumped on Lanie's bed, my brain mentally exhausted from all the calls we had to field after the voice's call and the humans had been released.

"What?", Lanie e
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