A Semblance of Normal? Never

I moaned out loud, arching my back as soft hands kneaded my breasts, tweaking my nipples, my nerves strung high.

The hands left my breasts, sliding down my stomach in a delicious taunt as I squirmed for more, my eyes closed.

"Don't stop", I whispered, feeling the hands pause just above where I ached the most. "Please".

I cried in ecstasy as teeth captured my left nipple and a hand slipped down and cupped my mound, fingers playing lusciously with my clit, building me up as I rode the hand, the slurpy sound of my wet channel filling the room as the fingers pumped in and out matching my raving energy.

I came, screaming from the insurmountable pleasure as I tore open my eyes, staring into the ivory face of dark locks and stary eyes.


I woke up in a frenzy, my night shirt soaked to the tee in sweat as I felt my wet channel.

Checking the time, I sighed, noting it was the norm time I usually woke up from my sex dreams with Jacob. 4:20 am

Three weeks and the dreams still hadn
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