Temptations and Propositions II


I hadn't actually heard him right, had I?

I looked up, finding fierce dark eyes on me, hooded fierce dark eyes.

"What?", I voiced out, after convincing myself that I had probably heard him wrong.

"I'm sure you heard me darling", Jacob drawled, leaning by his desk, putting his hands into his slack's pocket.

"No I didn't", I fired, stepping back and feeling the elevator's cold doors behind my body.

"Me. You. A bed. Naked and tangled up with my cock deep inside you and your moans draining out any other sound from my ears".

I hitched in a breath as Jacob enunciated each word, the image slowly building up in my head as my sex began to throb with hot, clenching desire.

"Is that enough description for you?", Jacob asked, tilting his head in a predatory way. "Or do you want me to be more vulgar?"

I shook my head, my brain trying to connect words to form in my mouth. "That's your proposition?"

"It seems I wasn't clear enough", Jacob countered.

I raised my hand, indicating for him to sto
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