The birds chirped happily, their little noises rousing me from my sleep as a ray of sunlight sifted into the room through the slightly opened window and rested on my face.

I groaned, squeezing my eyes forcefully.

I wasn't ready to wake up.

When that wasn't working, I carried a pillow and covered my face, wishing the sleep would come back.


This didn't feel like my pillow.

I opened my eyes groggily and stared at the gold embroidered pillow atop my face as everything came rushing back to me at once.

That's right.

I was in Jacob's house now, under his protection.

In his own terms, his property.

I sat up almost immediately, wincing at the headache that galloped through my head from the forecful way I had sat up.

Not this early morning, I groaned as I looked around the bedroom.

I couldn't remember how I had gotten here.

But I remember the car scene, when Jacob had walked out on me.

I still wondered what the hell that was all about.

A knock sounded on my door and I sighed.

It begins.

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