Nip Marks

Then he took a step.

And my body was non-plussed to move.

He rejected you, my mind screamed. He threw you off like the little whore he always claimed you to be.

"If you come near me, I will kill you", I shrieked.

Jacob paused in his advance, just one more foot away from the bed as a new scent filled the room.

I took in the scent, filling my lungs with what smelt like a beautiful combo of Jacob's dark chocolate exuberance and something more delicious, something I couldn't place.

What was that?

Jacob growled, low and deep, and my eyes snapped up to his. With his eyes closed, he looked like he was fighting an internal conflict.

What was that all about?

His eyes suddenly flew open and I gasped at the sight. It was pure black now and his hands were twitching at his sides, uncontrollably.

"Jacob", I called wearily, subtly shifting to the other end of the bed.

If it came to the case of me running, I needed to have easy access to delude myself that I could run from a vampire.

"You don't k
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Ok I’m obsessed with this book! Why doesn’t Jacob want the mating bond? Shoot she needs to just force him to accept it.

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