All for me

The scent, the strong scent.

Was that what it had been?

"What do you mean?", I insisted, my eyes narrowing on Claude.

Sydney sighed and my gaze snapped to hers.

What were they going at?

"I meant I made a mistake", Claude said briskly,

his face morphing into a frown. "A silly one, albeit".

Sydney mumbled something under her breath and stared blankly into space.

Something had passed between them

They were evidently hiding something and I was going to find out by hook or by shit.

I sat back, still watching the two of them.

The car rolled to a stop and Sydney popped out of the door, her hair swinging with her hips as we walked out of the underground lot.

"We have three hours max before Jacob is done with his meeting with the council members", Claude checked his watch, as we followed him into the elevator.

I cracked my fingers against my hands.

I could do this.

Three hours to debug a virus ridden flash. I could do that, I squirmed on the inside.

I could most definitely not do that.

It was
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I love chapter.

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