Be my Anchor

My head was a million pieces apart.

That's how it felt.

The pain was unbearable. At this rate, it was bordering on abnormal.

And then a voice echoed in my head, soothing and lyrical.

"Sleep, mo ghaoil" .

My eyes flashed open and I stared into Jacob's eyes in place of the beautiful night sky.

He was up in my face, breathing softly, his eyes watching me intensely.

His lips looked soft and inviting, plump and beautiful, pulling me to it.

Then the pain registered.

I screamed, feeling my back arch in pain.

What the actual helllll

My body was dividing into two, my bones and my muscles petrified to stone. I screamed again, unable to hold it back. Was this how it was?

"Breathe", Jacob's voice pierced the cocoon of pain warping around my head. "Breathe, Dalia''.



I was doing just that.

I clenched my eyes in pain, twisting in my body and gritting my teeth as my body was torn limb by limb, like I was being excarnated.

"It will pass if you don't fight it", Jacob spoke and my h
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Linda Michńďlle
hope she brings up the fact that he drank from someone else just the other day.

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