The Official Day of Serving Elite Customers



I opened my eyes because I felt the sweat on my neck. It's early in the morning but I am sweating…

I suddenly remembered what happened yesterday and the other day. There are lots of nerve wrecking events that happened and if my life is in a movie I am sure that I would be famous by now because of the plot twists and life lessons in my life. 

Sometimes, I wonder what my life would be like if both my parents didn't die.

Will I be professional in the field that I chose? 

Maybe if both of my parents are still alive they are giving us the love and care that we need then I don't need to do something like this.

I know that my father left a huge sum of debt to us but for sure if they're still alive they will not let us suffer like this. 

Although my parents seem to be troublesome, they never neglected us and they never wished for us to suffer at a young age. They're working hard even though the number of work that they know is limited, they never went home without food on their hands. 

They never let us starve, and I'm thankful for that.

I can still remember when we used to go to the park every Sunday because we couldn't afford to go to malls as it was so hard to earn money that time, we were all happy just to hang out there and eat the street foods that we will see that time.

Andrei was still small at that time and he was just okay with playing by himself or playing with me using the toys that our neighbors gave us.

We are not asking for anything other than having a happy family.

 I still remember when I was still in school when there's a family fiesta. All of my classmates' families were wearing expensive clothes and All the things that they had were all expensive compared to us who were just wearing our clothes that we bought for less than a dollar. 

My classmates used to bully me because I am poor and because my parents didn't have a degree but I know that as long as I am happy with them, the opinion of others doesn't matter.

Even though we are eating other people's side dishes that my parents ask for at the restaurants near our house, we are still happy that we get to eat that day. 

When they have extra money, they will buy us fast foods and that would be the best day of our lives. 

Before, I thought that we would live together Even if I and Andrei were both adults but all my dreams were ruined when they died.

In just a snap, we became orphans…

I can still remember how my mother cried after my father died.

She probably became troublesome that caused her death because father died.

I know it's silly that she died because she got into a fight with one of our neighbors but that is true and that is life. 

Life is hard.

-Not for all people but it is for me. 

At this point, I am just trying to survive to give my brother a better life but if he isn't here, maybe I will just do whatever I want without thinking and without thinking about what would I eat tomorrow. 

No! What am I saying, I shouldn't be this negative! 

I am someone who is the only one that Andrei has so I should change my way of thinking! 

What would happen to Andrei if I'm like this?

I am working hard so that if he wakes up, he will not suffer from stress the same way I do. 

I live for him, he is the only family that I have and I will not survive if I ever lose him. I will not lose a family member anymore. 

I will work hard so he will be happy when he wakes up and I will do my best to fill in the emptiness that our parents left. 

I have felt that emptiness myself and I will never let Andrei experience that. 

I started to get up and clean my apartment. 

I just remembered that this is the official day that I will accept offers from madam to work on VVIP. 

I know it isn't appropriate but you couldn't say that to someone who is desperate. There are just really things that someone will grab because of desperation. 

On the other hand, you can't say that all those who will strip or have sex with the customers on a club or just desperate to have money. I know some ladies that do it for fun and they are really enjoying it. 

Some of them told me that they enjoy dancing as well as entertaining people and this is the spot that had opened for them and they grabbed it. 

I was just thankful that my co-workers were all open-minded and they will help you if you have a problem and they will guide you if you are so confused about what is happening. 

Before, I never knew that you can enjoy working but they helped me to grow and to realize that the world is big and there are a lot of things happening that I didn't know about.

It can be good or bad but it's the same anyways, it's still information that I haven't heard before. 

It is rare to find non-toxic coworkers and I am so proud to say that I am lucky to have one.

Now that I accepted the offer from madam, I know that they will guide me as I am still new on that part although I accepted offers from VVIP before- I suddenly remembered that guy… 

It makes my blood boil…

After I cleaned the room I opened the instant noodles and that is what I ate for lunch. 


There are lots of people telling me that it isn't safe to eat instant foods all the time but I know my limits and I enjoy it, besides, this is the only food that I have right now as I don't really have any money with me, aside from the dollar that I need for transportation to go to work.

It's hard to be poor. 

I took my time eating, after I finished, I decided to take a nap so I won't be sleepy at work. 

IT'S ALMOST EVENING when I woke up. 

I get ready for work instantly. 

I grabbed my bag that contained my personal things that I'll be using later and went to the bus station.

It was hard to get in because it's rush hour, there are lots of passengers this time. I managed to punch in my bus card before I was swept away by the crowd. 

"Where are you going?" One of the passengers asks me. 

"Uhm, seven blocks from here, why?" 

She raised her eyebrow. 

"Club, right?" 

Club…Oh, is she asking if I'm working on a club?

"Uhm, yes?" Why is she asking me?


She didn't give me an answer but looked at me from head to toe before exiting the bus. 

What's wrong with her?

 I stood there for almost an hour because people kept on squeezing themselves on the bus even though it's already full, which caused the bus to run slow.

Thankfully, I arrived earlier.


"HI RIX!" 

Harley greeted me after he saw me walking inside the club. 

"How are you?"

I smiled at him and gave him a thumbs up. 

"You are early as usual!"

Harley laughed.

"Of course I am, because I am handsome!"

I laugh at him.

"Oh, shut up!" 

We both laughed at our silliness before I went straight to the locker. 

There are already a few girls inside but they are not getting ready as I arrived quite earlier.

"Hi pretty girls!"

I greet them. They greeted me back and they continued talking. 

I join them from time to time when I know the topic that they are talking about. Later on, Charis arrived looking like a zombie.

The girls laugh at her appearance.

"What's happened to you?"

I myself couldn't help but to laugh. She looked really hard and her eyelashes were about to fall.

She sat down beside the share that I am occupying and put her bags down on the floor. 

We waited for what you would say but she just smashed her hand on the table. 


We are so shocked by what she did. She isn't like this because most of the time she is friendly while sometimes she is just quiet. 

I wonder what is going on with her?

She didn't tell me anything about her problems so I don't have an idea of what I would do right now.

The girl's and I are already changing glasses as we are not sure about what we should do now, even I, who is the closest to Charis, have no idea what is happening. 

"What's wrong?"

We asked but she screamed.

"Ack! I hate him!" 


I saw the girls change their expressions to what I have right now. 

I think we know what is happening with her.

"Who is it this time?"

Tracy asks her.

It took Charis to answer.

I saw her let out a sigh before answering. 

"It's Kurt!" 


She didn't wait for our questions, instead she told us the story about what happened and why she is acting like this.

We are nodding our heads while listening to her. 

We just kept on exchanging glances, we are already used to these kinds of situations so we don't panic at this time.

We have experienced this multiple times already and it is not a big deal to us anymore. 

Charis has a lot of boyfriends and although she is saying that she is just using them, when they break up, she is the most affected with it. She would come to us irritated and sometimes she would cry. 

I don't truly understand why she is still lying when we ask her about her feelings but we really can't do anything about it as long as she isn't in danger and she is happy. 

When something like this happens, all we are going to do is to listen to her and to be beside her for a while so she would feel that we are here for her. 

All she needs in these kinds of situations is just someone whom she can tell her feelings to and after that she would be okay. 

So that is what we did.

Thankfully we arrived earlier so we have lots of time to just sit here in the dressing room before work. 

Charis told us some of her problems before she calms down. 

"Thank you for listening to me…" She said as she wiped her sweating forehead. 

"We're always here for you." 

We had a group hug before we started working. 

We tend to get emotional sometimes…

"I'll give you your first VVIP customer tonight." Madam Glo told me. 

"Thank you madam." 

We're here at the bar counter, she's giving instructions to the girls that'll serve VVIP customers for us not to be lost later.

"Are you really going to serve elite customers?" Trixie asks. 

She is referring to VVIP customers since they say that they're elite. 

I noticed that they were shocked when they first heard that I will serve VVIP customers now. 

"Yup!" I nodded my head.

They looked concerned all of a sudden.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of myself." 

"Don't push yourself too hard!" Trixie replied.

"I won't! Haha!" 

They really care about each other… 

After Madam Glo told us what we should do, the girls gave me some advice that I can use so I won't fall into some people's traps. 

It's common in clubs so I should double my security as I am now going to serve elite customers. 

I can do this! 

I need to do this for the sake of my brother's future! -for me as well. 

Of course…

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