Chapter five. HIM

Scarlet Pov

I walked inside and saw everyone busy with work "I'm home" I announced to no one in particular 

"How was your first day at work?" Mom asked stopping what's she's doing

"Nothing much so yes it was fine" I replied going to the dinning to take some water

"That's good to hear" father chip in

"I have never for once asked how my delivery was" Abraham complained "is it that I am not noticed in this house or what?" He said glaring at me which I shrug

"Well we don't asked because you spend more than anyone so no need" mother deadpan 

"But" he tried to say 

"Say another word and trust me you will be grounded throughout the week" mother said seriously which Abraham knows better not to try her because she will make sure his grounded which he doesn't like staying at home

"Let's eat" I said to no one in particular. They all sat on the table, Jackie sitting close to me while we ate in silence. 

Done eating I pack the dishes to the sink before cleaning my hand "have paid Mr Frank money" I said 

"Where did you get such a huge amount of money from?" My detective mother asked sometimes I used to wonder why she's not a detective 

"I got my paycheck today" I lied 

"That's fast but"

"Mom am working in a film industry not some kind of company that pays monthly" I said walkingbout on them because I can't answer more question which Jackie follow suit 

"How was it?" asked Jackie 

"All fine but" I said hesitantly though I know she won't judge me 

"What happened?" She asked waiting "tell me already please" she pleaded

"So I got a finger in the changing room by an unknown person but mehn it was good because he made me cum within a short minute" I said blushing while Jackie opened her mouth widely looking at me as if she had seen a ghost  "what?" I asked, seeing her mouth wide open. She swallow the silver before speaking 

"Scar, don't tell me you have a quickie in a place you're supposed to meet on a blind date?" She asked 

"Of course it's there. What do you expect me to do?" I asked


"Forget it. I never expected to reach orgasm that quickly so it wasn't bad at" I said with shrug 

"Oh I just wished we won't regret this later" she prayed

"Coming to that he followed be back home"

"What?" She scream yell

"I didn't know he followed me but that's nothing the main deal he made a proposal "

"For what actually?"

"His proposal was for me to be his fiance"

"What are you mad about?" Jackie asked

"I'm not I didn't know he followed me and I didn't accept the offer he just gave me his card"

"In exchange for what?" I smiled knowing we have same thinking

"In exchange that he will pay me nothing more nothing less and no string attached it will solely be based on contract"

"Then why not accept the offer" Jackie said 

"I don't think I can. Who knows his doing this just to get into my pant" I reason 

"Huh" Jackie huffed "you never thought of that when he was fingering you and you were busy moaning and screaming" she said before walking inside the toilet 

I look at her retreating figure. Trust Jackie to have the last say and a come back for anything thrown at her. She walks out drying off her hair 

"Just accept it and if it's because you think he want to go down there then no big deal I'm very sure he's gonna give it to you hot since that's what you like best"


"Oops my bad. But that's the truth and moreover he has suck the day light of that your milk industry so why not give him the chance to show you how good he his" she said which I didn't reply "and you know that you could get to see his size if its the type you like"

"Gosh I always think I'm the one with a perverted mind but guess you're worse than me" I replied before walking to the toilet where I could hear her laughter. I smiled and bathed

The next morning I didn't plan to wake up early but guess Jackie has something in store for me "Scar wake up" she shakes me which I groan 

"What?" I screamed 

"Sorry you can go back to sleep after we talk"

"I just hope what you're about to say worth my sleep"

"I don't think so but I think the date yesterday wants to meet today because he texted me apologizing for not making it"

"But you know you can even say that to me through phone call when you get to the office but because you want to deprived me of my beauty sleep you wake me up"

"Sorry becreadu by 4 I will pick you up so we can go for clothes and make up" before I could say something else she left. I sighed before going back to bed




I walked to the shop and saw my parents and brother arranging the box before joining then

"Finally I can rest" my brother said happily ready to stand up

"Put that your little ass down" my mother said

"But Scar is here I need to rest" he compain

"What have you been doing since?. You think I didn't notice you're being sluggish for a reason. Worry not you will fixed the rest" mother said giving Abraham a pointed look he knows better not to try her

"I went to check on Mr Frank during the day" father said which we all focus on him giving him attention "his better now and will be discharged tomorrow" he smile warmly

"You should learn how to control your temper Scar" mother said 

"I took over you mother because you're always beating or flinging things when your angry or annoyed" I said getting up 

"Oh you have a big mouth come back here and continue with the work"

"Let her be. She's tired I will double my folding"

"But when I wanted to stand up you didn't come to my aid" Abraham whine 

"Don't worry we're almost done"

I walked into my room to bath and change before walking down the stairs "I'm going out" I said going out without waiting for reply but I could vividly hear Abraham complaining about me getting more freedom than him

I met Jackie outside and she drove off immediately. I entered the car to Versace for my clothes. 

I got what fitted me quicker than I thought. Someone else did my makeup. " I hope he shows up today?" Jackie said

"If he doesn't his lost because after this I'm not coming back here for the date against informed her 

"Worry not. I have this feeling his gonna make it today without wasting much of our time" Jackie said

"When will you go for one of this blind date maybe you will meet the love of your life one day" I said 

"Nah not this way. I want it to be love at first sight but not in blind date. I don't want it to be one sided love" she says which I smiled and hug her 

"Worry not you will get that soonest"

"That's the spirit girl"

"I hope your grandpa doesn't find out" I said worriedly 

"He won't and even if he does I will tell him I'm not interested simply" she said which I smiled. Thinking about my own one sided love. I quickly shake it for so I won't be moody tonight 

"I guess it's time" I said trying to open the car door"

"I will wait for you so we can go back together or what did you think?" Jackie asked 

"Don't worry I will get a ride back. You need to rest"

"Alright then see you tomorrow" 

"Goodnight" I said after giving her a peck. I wait a little while till she drives off before walking in adjusting my gown. I don't know why Jackie would choose this kind of clothes for me when she knows I hate long gowns. Anything long is not part of me but seeing we don't want this date to go smoothly I think I will manage it for now

I walked straight to the reserved table with Jackie's name on it before removing the coat I used to cover my self my bag on the table "what may I get you ma" the server said 

"Water is okay. Thank you" I replied friendly before I continue pressing my phone and didn't know when the server brought the water and left

"Hello" I heard from the other side which I look up from my phone to see who it is but dropped my phone seeing who is standing in my front 

"You" we both said which I quickly pick my bag and coat and ran off without waiting for him 

I'm doomed today my biggest fear had come today. Have always becareful so I wouldn't have encountered with anyone I had sex with that's why whenever I'm horny I do cover my face and get laid that way no one recognises me but today the case is different. 

I quickly hail a taxi and entered asking him to speed off

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