When I can't find her.



By: baby favour

Chapter 10

Eriteria POV

Walking up when you feel is the best but I will also agree it was laziness

I wanted to stand up,when I felt something obstructing me from standing up.

I open my eyes sleepily, rubbing them slowly and yawning.

"Is this some joke?" I scoffed, throwing his hand off me.

He wakes up immediately and drags me back to the bed.

"Where are you going?" He asked, opening his eyelids.

I never knew his eyes were this cute till now,even though I wanted to protest why he is asking me to throw his hand off and rush to the toilet feeling the relief of my bladder.

I walked back to the room and met the bed empty.

"Where did he go?" I asked out loudly.

"Jeez! Holy shit!" I screamed out.

"Were you guarding the restroom door or something?"

He ignored my question, taking his seat in the bed.

"I ordered something, take your bath and let go out today" His hoarse voice came to the air.

I walked to the bathroom and started undressing slowl
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