make me fall madly in love with you

Taming His Luna Spirit

(Love Inter wing)

By: baby favour

Chapter 14

"You found your mate?" Anthony asked.

"Yes" Eriteria, Kelvin, Anthony and Bill looked at him at once.

"When and who ?" Anthony asked happy for him down there.

"What? You think I won't find her or what" he scoffed.

"Not like that I was just wondering, '' Anthony replied immediately.

"Well last night and guess what?" He smirked.

"What? Anthony asked excited *now they can go home without feeling sad that someone didn't find his mate* he thought.

"She's pretty,like really pretty. She just came from the state yesterday, which is her birthday," Luciano explained.

"I'm happy for you" Eriteria said.

"Thanks" He replied and winked at her.

"Ya!! Stop winking at my babe" Anthony growled and he winked at her again and they all started laughing except him.

"Have you told her Everything you know we will soon leave?" Anthony asked.

"Well I will tell her" he replied and walked faster leaving them behind.

"I don't think he should ha
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