The Moon

Bunches of white flowers overflew from the basket in my hand so I emptied it on the wide mat spread on the ground on which numerous females sat. They were tying the flowers together to offer to the moon goddess tonight while the twins and I picked flowers for them.

"Alright. Jasmine's are enough. We should arrange daturas now. Go women, pluck them!" As dramatic as ever, princess commanded pointing her hand ahead like a general.

"Why do we have to pick so many flowers? What are they even needed for?" I grumbled in annoyance. Chores as mundane as these always irritated me out of my mind.

"Why do you think? The more the people, the more flowers we need." Genis shrugged. My eyebrows crinkled in confusion as I tilted my head sideways.

"Maybe, she doesn't know yet, Genis. You should explain it to her." Adel scolded her like the Older sister she was.

"Oh, I apologise, Seraphina. Well… when we worship the moon goddess, we offer her flowers to seek her blessings. So every individual needs t
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