The Elf Females

The enchanted lake, as called, was truly enchanting. If you didn't know about its properties before, you definitely would have guessed after you saw the lake.

The sun shone in the vast sky above the water and made it gleam blindingly but that was not the last thing forcing my eyes shut in every few moments. Something simmered beneath the water level, attracting the eye and rejecting the view of the mysterious glow, at the same time.

Pausing my aching limbs, I closed my eyes for a short while. I'd been trying to reach the shore on the opposite side since before the sunrise but there was still a little more distance left. The work had exhausted me tremendously and the last time I ate was last night.

If it was about crossing land, I would have gotten it done long before, but water was never my strongest pursuit. Water and I never had the best of relationship, except the time when I am not inside its currents.

Pushing myself a little more harder, I finally reached the shore and sprawled
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