The Elf Queen

" the Elf' castle?" I asked to no one inparticular but a humming of agreement replied to me from behind. The castle was something I could never have imagined in the wildest of my dreams.

It looked so out of the time, like its structure came from a hundreds of years in future. Turquoise blue cones were adorning the multiple towers and balconies of the pink-ish building, making it look so extravagant. Different patterns and sculpture were designed upon the balconies beautifully.

"Enough drooling for now. We should get in, shouldn't we?" Irun mocked me and I rolled my eyes at her. The whole walk here she annoyed me with her stupid questions and accusations of me trying to invade their Kingdom despite Roe reminding her what Mydia had said, repeatedly.

Apparently, Mydia was an Elf female who could see future sometimes, in glimpses, like the high priest.

The both Elves led me here with them to the castle through the dense forest. In the middle of the path, thick mystic fog had sw
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