The Pendant

Dinner was served for me in the room I was staying in. So much for being a 'guest'. But I guessed I could not blame them, though. I came unannounced and unwanted. I was the bearer of the bad news for them, bringing war to their doorsteps and endangering the lives of their families. I was entitled to their hostility. Swallowing the bitter feeling I focused on the food on my plate.

The plate was actually made of a big leaf symbolizing the way they were attached to nature and still ate in tree leaves like ancient people. Even each of the dishes were completely vegetarian. Nonetheless, the food tasted heavenly. Placing the used plate and the water beside the bed I got ready for bed. But before my eyes could get closed, a light knock on the door interrupted me.

I stood up from the bed to open the door and saw Mydia standing there with another female. "Can I come in, Seraphina?" She politely asked.

"Yes, of course. Please come in." I said leaning sideways to give her space to enter.

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