The Threat

After the successful agreement with the Elf Queen Sylva, the two royal siblings and other castle residents came outside the castle to bid me farewell. The humble people had insisted on packing me food for the long journey, even after I politely refused. Mydia reminded me for the second time to keep the emerald green magical stone safe with me. That reminded me of stopping at my grandma's coven on way back to the castle.

Irun and Roe accompanied me to the enchanted lake, which was considered the border of the Elf's Kingdom. Apparently, there was a path that circled the lake, so I didn't have to cross the lake by swimming all the way.

At the lake, I thought that when I've reached this far, it would be a waste if I don't get a little of the healing water with me. So, I dipped the pitcher I had to contain water, and filled it to the brim. Then, it was time to bid farewell to the elf females beside me.

"Now I must depart. I hope to meet you again." As annoying as it was, Irun's personalit
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