The Ball Gown

"What are you doing here, brother?" Princess asked the Alpha King, quirking her eyebrow up.

"Whatever happened to the females of my castle? They don't pay me any respect, anymore." He commented, passing me to stand where the princess sat on her bed. His arm barely touching mine, separated by just a breath of air. He yet had to make eye contact with me and I was already having sweaty palms.

The princess rolled her eyes at him, whilst everyone else's were gazing downwards, standing upright. "Alright. What brings you here on this fine day, oh brother?"she asked with an overly polite smile on her face.

The Alpha King chuckled. "I thought I might just stop to see my sister, while I'm passing by her room. I don't get much time nowadays to spend it with you, do I?" He said his eyes turning apologetic.

"No, you don't." She grumbled back.

"So, tell me what are we doing, right now. Oh, this looks like a lot of fabric. Ah, are you preparing for the ball, Ellyana?" He inquired sitting on one
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