The Argument

"Queen?" My eyebrow quirked up. "Have you already decided that? And how can you be so sure? We haven't even discussed about that, yet." My toes twitched and fidgeted inside my boots in apprehension.

"What is there to discuss? You like me and I like you, I deem you capable enough to stand by my side and…And which female wouldn't want to be the Queen of this entire Kingdom." He chuckled, sensing my change of mood and trying to dissipate the tension.

But that was actually what did it. "I thought we had established that before that I am not like the others." My muscles tensed, dissolving the ease that I had come to feel with him.

"That was not what I meant to say, Seraphina. I meant that there are so many options of what type of Queen a female can be. You can choose your own way, I'm not generalizing you with the others." He was calm as he said that but, his eyes were trained on my face with conviction. He had sensed my withdrawal by the way my face was now giving nothing away from my em
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