The Sibling

The sun shone warmly as the whole castle buzzed with the energy of the people swarming in like the bees nowadays. Draperies and curtains of red and golden were hung strategically all over the castle, inside and out.

Yesterday, I saw two giant wagons full of thick candles being unloaded outside the main entrance. No need to say, the preparations were being made in full force. This festival was indeed a huge occasion to celebrate.

The Princess and the twins had been so excited and gloomy at the same time these past couple of weeks. On one hand, the ball was coming and they were looking forward to all the dressing up, heavy gowns and accessories and all the magnificent things that comes with it.

But on the other hand, this festival will be the last time Adel will be with us. Soon after the festival she will return with her mate to her mew home and who knew when will we ever get to ever meet her again? Being her twin sister at that, Genis was taking it the hard of all of us.

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