The Alpha's Feeling

A knock sounded on my door and I hurried to hide the thick book away under the beddings. I rushed to open the doors and to say I was surprised would be an understatement.

Alpha King was there with head held high, arms folded behind the back and a emotionless mask on his face. "Alpha King." I greeted, taking a step back.

"Seraphina. May I come in?" He asked. His voice blank like when he dealt with the cases in his throne room. I made the space for him to enter and my lips pursed in thoughts. What was he doing here at this late hour?

The last few days, we had been keeping our necessary distance, although I wanted nothing more that to just sit in his company and get to know more about him like in the earlier days, but I restrained. He only asked for me to know about her sister's whereabouts and how she spent her day. We would engage in sparring a time or two and other than that, nothing.

But I could sense his longing too, when he would stare after me to see if I looked back. Or when his
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