The Ball Night

"Your left, Seraphina! Your left foot!" Princess shouted and I cringed in reply, stopping mid-step.

"Who in the world ever called this stupidity a dance? And why in the hell do people still follow this idiocy?" I huffed and blew the strands of hair out of my face. Oh goddess, these hair.

The twins had unnecessarily spent their time braiding numerous sections of my hair and tying it to the back but left a piece to fall sideways from my forehead to down my cheek.

The gown was perfectly ready and was downed upon me in a vice grip. I was not very comfortable to admit it but I looked like all the other females who would be joining the festival tonight. Honestly, I looked beautiful. The blood red fabric was bound to gain the attention of hundreds of eyes and the gold patterns that simmered in the correct light even made me compelled to keep looking.

In the defense of the seamstress, the corset wasn't as tight as it looked to be but the very, very short sleeves that were fallen down, showi
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