Turned Rogue
Turned Rogue
Author: Nikita V. Meyeren

Chapter one - He found me

Amya was a 15 year old teenager living her happiest life with her parents and her 22 year old brother in a cottage 3 miles from a lovely city called california. She and her family was everything but ordinary. Even when most people thought they weren't ordinary, this family was half human half wolf, known as werewolves.

Although they were terrifying creatures they still lived a normal life or well so they hoped. This all came to an end one icy cold winters night.

The family was having dinner, when suddenly they heard growls surrounding their home, both parents shifted immediately into their wolf forms and mind linked the two children to hide.

The brother now known as Ethan grabbed his sister Amya's hand and bolted to one of the rooms. They sat there tapping into their wolf hearing and listened as they heard wolves fight and bones shattering, but suddenly it got silent.

Ethan tried to mind link his father but it was of no use. He couldn't sense his father anymore nor his mother,  just to realize that they are both gone. Ethan knew that he had to protect Amya, so he shifted into his wolf and took a stance in front of Amya who was crying at this point realizing her once most happy place that she felt safe in has now become a blood bath.

The bedroom door slammed open with three wolves barging in. Ethan immediately attacked, knowing full well that he stood no chance against three wolves, while Ethan fought for our sake a man walked up and stood in the door frame staring at Amaya.

" Hello my princess, how I have searched..." his scruffy voice echoed in her ears.

Amya's POV

It was Alpha Keeram, we have been hiding from him ever since my twelfth birthday, when my wolf, Zoe, emerged. He wants me to be his breeder, since my wolf is a rare descendant from the Moon Goddes herself.

My wolf was snow white with charcoal spots all over and pure golden eyes. I loved Zoe, she has always been the gentle soul, caring and still courageous.

My thoughts snapped back to reality when I heard my brother's bones snap. He had beaten two of the three wolves, when the third wolf grabbed his neck and broke it. My whole world crashed at that very sight.

I was stunned to a point that I didnt realize Alpha Keeram has grabbed my hair, he pulled me off the bed and dragged me by my silwer hair across the floor to the front door.

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