Chapter Six - Closing in

Alpha Ryan's POV

We managed to reach the packhouse easier than I enticapated, almost all his guard turned against him. Only asking for protection from Alpha Keeram. I realized that his Omega's are only loyal to him because they fear for their lifes and their loved ones lifes. One of Alpha Keeram's gaurds told me their was a guard outside the girls room and seemed worried about her saying that he could mind link him and ask him about the Alpha's where abouts. 

Waisting no time I demanded him to proceed. He stared into nothingness and then his face is shocked by the news. " What is it? " I shouted. " He is with her, he is going to... " The guard barely finish his sentence when a ran him off his feet almost shifting ontop of him, my gaurds emmediately followed my lead. I barged into the packhouse first.

My gaurds took on every member that stood in my way, clearing a path for me to head up the stairs. My paws hitting the wooden floor made a echoing sound through out the mansion. I headed straight toward the only room with a guard outside. The minute he saw me he nodded at me and barged into the room.

I turned into the room not slowing down, leaping it the air and sunk my teethe into Alpha Keeram's neck and ripped out the chunk that was cought in my teethe. Making him choke on blood as he plummited to the floor. As his body crashed onto the floor, I noticed an amazing smell that cought my wolf Sam's attention. We sniffed in the air and that is when I gazed upon her beautiful eyes. " MATE! " Sam growled. I could not believe it this girl was my mate... We both stared at each other for a while untill my eyes wondered from hers to the chains around her wrist and then down her body to her anckles. I choked in my thoughts when I saw the blood all over her thighs. Knowing I was too late made Sam howl in grieve for his mate's pain and suffering. I looked back up to her face only noticing the tears that stained her plum cheeks.

I shifted back into my human form and didn't even worry about my nudity, still staring at her I got up and went closer to her. Not wanting to frighten her, I slowly aproached her and reaching with one hand to wipe off the tears still lingering around her beautiful golden eyes. Only escaping my trance when the guard in the room stepped forward to untie her. I completely forgot he was in the room. I emmediately started untying her wrists and once the guard finished untying her anckles I lifted her in my arms resting her head against my chest. " You are safe now, my love. "

I turned to the guard, who looks like he wants to cry for her sake, and nodded at him with a smile. I left the room in a rush to get her to a Doctor.

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