A botched rescue

“You must be joking. What on earth do you mean by ‘we’re going to kidnap the girl?'” Michael asked, watching Duncan closely, but when the man stared back at him for the better part of a minute without blinking, he knew Duncan wasn’t joking.

“You really expect us to barge into a den of werewolves and kidnap a girl they’re holding prisoner, is that it?” Michael asked again, slowly this time, enunciating every word, almost as if he was talking to a retard, something which he was seriously beginning to suspect that Duncan was.

“Well. I admit it sounds stupid when you say it like that, but that is what we’re going to do anyway. That is why you’re here too. You’re a werewolf, after all.”

“Do you have a death wish?”

“No. Look, I’m not that stupid, okay? I have someone on the inside who is going to drug them, but the effect of the drug is surely going to wear off if we stand here bickering like jobless people and don’t get there in time.”

“So, is he going to drug the entire pack, then? You re
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