Every day was the same, or if one was being totally truthful, each day was much worse than the previous one. There was no end to any of it, that is the whippings, stench, and hopelessness, but worst of all was the heartbreaking cries of despair that came from the mouths of the young children. Girls who were as young as thirteen, or even younger, by the looks of some of them. They, both old and young, were all packed in one cramped, filthy cell in which giant rats roamed about freely, clearly not afraid of the humans who abode there, and for good reason too.

After all, the women were totally helpless and were tied up so securely that they could only dream of escape, and not even fantasize about it. Therefore, the rats, and whatever other vermin, of which there were quite a few, moved about as they wished, feeding on whatever scraps of leftover food they could find, and when scraps of leftover foods were scarce, bit the exposed legs and fingers of unsuspecting victims.

Vanessa Lewis l
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