Chapter 14

Edward pov .

She was surprised by my statement .

" Edward what do you mean by that, For Zeus sake am your future wife, Please Edward stop talking nonsense "

" How dare you !!"

" Am sorry but I ..I ..mean stop trying to make me look like a fool "

" Really you know you are a fool , You dare to touch that maid why "

" Listen to me Edward that girl is nothing but a servant, And I don't see any reason why this should be an issue "

" Really so you mean whipping a harmless maid , Just because she ruin your dress, Was the best option right ?"

" How ...I mean who told you that "

" The wall has ears "

" So you mean you believe them more than I me right "

" I never trusted you Benita, But today you have proven to me how stupid you are "

" Please Edward let's just forget about what happened "

" Indeed I will forget about it but before then I will need to set something straight "

" Something like what "

" I asked you to pick your punishment, But No you refused so I th
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